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Captain Jack

Many years of free / scuba diving and fishing experience in the waters of California and other areas have lent me to an understanding of fish behavior which I use to their disadvantage, they get caught.  

I've also many years of experience on the waters, navigating on, under, and around the bays of Monterey, San Francisco, Bodega, Tomales, and Humboldt, and the waters in between.

As a safety conscious and experienced mariner, you'll find yourself in competent hands for your adventure.

Fresh Fish for Sale

We offer for the catch of the day fish that is in season.  During the spring to summer months salmon and halibut are the usual fare, with rock fish such as ling cod, blues, and blacks among others, in the winter.

As a food inspector for the US Army in my service days I am well aware of the proper care, handling, and preparation of fresh fish.  


  You will get a text or email when we return to the dock and we can meet for your catch of the day.  


Charter trips on almost any of the local waters in the Great California North West.  From San Francisco to Eureka, tributaries, ocean and bays, we offer a safe outing for your fishing or sight seeing advnetures.  

We are licensed by the United States Coast Guard and the Department of Fish and Wildlife (formerly Department of Fish & Game).  "Blondie" is both a Charter Boat and a Commercial Fishing Boat.

Call for rates.  "Blondie" is a small boat, a 17' Boston Whaler, carrying only two adults or one adult and two children.  


Fresh WILD caught seasonal fish right from the fisherman's net.  No middleman, no intermediary, come by my house and we'll weigh up what you want at current market rates.  You'll find better deals at many supermarkets, but no where near as fresh.

Be sure to sign up on our fish list if you'd like to be added to our email notification list.  We will email or text upon return to the dock, that should give us both time to meet at the house and select your catch of the day.


Since we are a small business in a small boat we can offer personalized trips on an individual basis.  Give us a try, just call or email your specifics and if we can do it we will, if we can't we'll be up front and honest about whether we can help or not.  


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If you'd like to be on our "Fish List", please fill out the form to the left, and in the message area just put "fish list" and be sure to include your cell phone number so we can text you when we're on the way home so you can meet us.

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